Fernando Ojeda Universidad de Cádiz

Fernando Ojeda

Principal Investigator; Professor of Botany.

My main research interests are (i) the role of fire in the evolution of mediterranean plants; (ii) the ecology, biogeography and evolution of heathland plants; and (iii) the biodiversity and conservation of the herriza or Mediterranean heathland of the Strait of Gibraltar. Visit my website.
Susana Gomez

Susana Gómez González

Assistant profesor in Botany; Research associate of the CR2, Chile

Research interests: plant ecology and evolution in fire-prone ecosystems, plant community ecology, seed ecology and plant invasions.
Ramon Casimiro

Ramón Casimiro-Soriguer

Assistant profesor in Botany

My main research interests are centered on (i) plant reproductive biology and plant -animal interactions, (ii) phylogeny and phylogeography of Mediterranean plant taxa and (iii) plant biodiversity and conservation.

Oscar Godoy

"Ramón y Cajal" fellow researcher

I am a community ecologist interested in the maintenance of species diversity. Two questions are the basis of my research. 1) Which are the determinants of species coexistence and exclusion? and 2) Which are the consequences of resulting coexisting species for ecosystem functioning? Approaches to tackle these questions include combining theory with observational studies, manipulative experiments and a strong component of statistical modeling. Visit my website.
Raul Ochoa Universidad de Cádiz

Raul Ochoa

"Ramón y Cajal" fellow researcher​

I am interested in understanding the effects of global environmental change on biodiversity, ecosystem functioning and the link between them. I am also interested in how these undesired impacts affect key ecosystem services such as soil fertility and above-ground and below-ground carbon storage. Visit my website.

Postgraduate students

Irene Martín

Irene Martín-Rodríguez

PhD candidate

BSc in Biological Sciences and MSc in Conservation Biology and Ecology (Rey Juan Carlos University, Madrid, Spain). My PhD is focused on the ecology of the carnivorous plant species Drosophyllum lusitanicum, endemic to the SW Iberian Peninsula and N Morocco. I am using population genetics and demographic approaches.
Cristina Caetano

Cristina Caetano Sánchez

Andalusia Young Researchers Programme

BSc in Environmental Sciences and MSc in Conservation Biology (University of Huelva).
Irene Repeto

Irene Repeto

MSc student in Conservation and Management of Nature (UCA, Master Program). I’m currently doing my master thesis using GIS to try to understand the relationships between fire and the different habitats in the north side of the Strait of Gibraltar. 

FEBIMED Collaborators

Jose gabriel segarra

José Gabriel Segarra-Moragues.

Plant Biology Lecturer at the University of Valencia (Spain). My interests include (i) the study of ecological factors affecting genetic diversity and population structure in plants; (i) plant phylogeography and phylogenetics; (iii) molecular and morphological taxonomic studies of a variety of plant groups including vascular plants and bryophytes.
Maria paniw

María Paniw

Formerly at the University of Cadiz, where I did my PhD, I am a postdoc at the Population Ecology Research Group of the University of Zurich. My research is focused on how interactions of genetics, environmental drivers, and density dependence affect population dynamics of animals and plants. I am particularly interested in how we can use traits of individual to predict population-level changes due to changes in environmental conditions.
Jose manuel herrera

José Manuel Herrera

Research Associate at the University of Evora and CIBIO-InBio (Portugal). My research aims at understanding changes in species distribution patterns and in networks of species interactions in response to global change drivers (habitat loss, fragmentation and climate warming).
Manuel Gil

Manuel J. Gil-López

(Postdoctoral researcher). My main research interests are the ecology, population genetics and biogeography of plant taxa