Welcome to the FEBIMED group

The FEBIMED research group of the Andalusian R+D+i plan (PAIDI; RNM-923) is based in the Department of Biology at the University of Cadiz (Spain). We are in the Strait of Gibraltar region, a major plant biodiversity hotspot within the Mediterranean Basin.

Our research interests include key aspects of the ecology, biogeography and biodiversity of mediterranean plants and plant communities and their association with fire as a major ecological process and evolutionary force.


Fernando Ojeda Universidad de Cádiz
Fernando Ojeda
Susana Gomez
Susana Gómez
Ramon Casimiro
Ramón Casimiro-Soriguer
Raul Ochoa Universidad de Cádiz
Raul Ochoa
Oscar Godoy
Oscar Godoy
Cristina Caetano
Cristina Caetano
Irene Repeto
Irene Repeto
Álvaro Pérez Gómez
Álvaro Pérez-Gómez

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